Our vegetable garden

Our vegetable garden

We decide to use for our vegetable garden the Organic forest system

Our plant breeding follows the organic aspects of soils and vegetables, following the parameters related to bioelectronics, a research in the convergence of biology and electronics that helps to understand the vital principle and the energy for soils and vegetables.

The Organic forest system can adjust the soil, the rhizosphere and the phyllosphere and give to all our healthy vegetables organoleptic properties, good taste and wonderful aroma.

With this method, we can have:

  • A restoration of the microbial life of the soil;
  • Healthy vegetables, without any charge of nitrate or ammoniacal nitrogen;
  • Vegetables with organoleptic properties;
  • Crop rotation (even 6 in a year)

High-energy plants;

  • High efficiency;
  • Reduction of the treatments and less job because it is very easy to work in this type of garden without using farm tools but using only spoon fork and knife;
  • Very easy for using antifreeze protection (nylon cover) or by parasites (tulle cover)
  • You can placed over any terrain, even concrete or asphalt.



  • Prenota ora