The rooms for an enviromental friendly rest



The furniture we have chosen for the rooms reflects our desire for a contact with nature.

All the furniture is made of wood a painted with varnish that smells of nature.

We choose colors that you can find in nature like antique pink, baby blue, green and French blue.

You will find beautiful writing desks created by old wooden boards that we used to wash the laundry in ancient times; you will see English mirrors found in London, you would discover bed headboards forgotten in attics with which we create sofas.

The decoration of the rooms follows a few simple principles of feng shui in which every piece of furniture comes into energy correlation with each other.

The wooden ceiling beams made of natural wood treated with water and the natural wood floor make an intimate and comfortable environment.

Feeling the nature and feel in some way part of it, which can give the balance of energy lost during the day.





The structure made with ash wooden joints and water-based glues.

Memory Mattress Green Soybean can ensure a correct and healthy rest thanks to the open-cell structure that allows air to pass and so avoid the growth of mold and mites.

The mattress cover made with carbon wires allows a refreshing and comfortable sleep because it reduces the electrostatic charge accumulated every day by the body.

Wrinkled pure linen bed sheets used to ensure breathability and thermal insulation. The ecological laundry made exclusively with ecological detergents, not harmful to the environment and completely biodegradable.



We create a relaxing corner in the room to rest and find a place similar to your home, a space where you can read a book, a magazine, listen to some music, chat with friends, drinking a hot tea or a good coffee.




We create a bathroom to give healthy moments for the personal care to our guests, useful for the body and for the mind. We did an environment that can be as much comfortable as your bathroom, where you prepare yourself every morning to face a day of activities, and in the evening returning home you allow yourself a beautiful shower to get rid of toxins and tensions accumulated during the day and to prepare for the moment the rest. A bathroom that becomes a small wellness area with courtesy: shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and soap made with olive oil; soft sponge to for a hot shower; slippers, shower cap, toothbrush and sponge shoeshine.

We also offer you the ideal accessories for a functional bathroom: a large shower with glass crystal designed to make shower better both the individual and the family with children with stone plate anti-slippery, rainfall showerheads for your relaxing moments and vertical rod ideal for our younger guests.


SUITE PORTULACA – A suite for the little ones
A room designed entirely for families, because the travel adventure for the little ones begins from the cradle, a candid and fragrant cradle to give even the smallest guests the perfect stay.


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