The B&B Garden

The B&B Garden

We believe that being outdoors it is the perfect way to relax, to relive childhood memories, scents and colors, when we were kids and we used to do long country walks with our parents.

A place where the cicadas were a good company and we used to wait the sunset and later the night for the sweetest family moments.

Every room has direct access to the garden with its corner of nature, where you can relax and take time for yourself smelling the scent of roses. From the garden of your room, you can access the breakfast room through the avenue of roses so with the scent of the roses you can enjoy our green breakfasts and take time for yourself.

Our favorite choices for the roses are as follows:

Marie Pavie Roses (Alegatiere 1888) with light and delicate fragrance that we discovered thanks to the sensibility of Mrs. Anna, a great lover and passionate about roses women since she was a child.

The Gallic roses are ancient roses and like all valuable things we expect their blossoms for long till we can see the first buds in early spring; In fact, they only bloom once a year in May; They are fragrant and beautiful with colors and shapes of the bud that we cannot found in modern roses.

Belle Vichyssoise Roses (Leveque 1897) with their small white-pink flowers are perfect for your relaxing moments in the garden.

Pearl of gold roses (Dubreuil 1884) with their apricot opening to a golden buff pink buds, they comes all the way from China and their sweet scent will let you enjoy your summer breakfasts.

Gloire Des Polyanthas Roses (Guillot & Fils 1887) is a sparkling pink rose, with white undertones and deep pink center. We use them to give liveliness in the compositions of wild flowers.



  • Prenota ora