Our Vineyards

Our Vineyards

In our farmhouse you can find a wonderful old vineyard trained with the tendone system (used by ancient Romans where vines are trained high overhead on arbors or pergolas) and this is full of good memories for our family because when we were children we used to go with our dad to harvest grapes. The best time to see this vineyard is in September because of the Garganega and Cabernet vines’ wonderful smell.

We also wanted to realize the dream of our dad to build a beautiful vineyard at the entrance of our house farm and we trained a new Pinot Grigio vineyard using Guyot system. Guyot is remembered for making improvements in the cultivation and preparation of grapevines for the production of quality wines. In this vineyard, we experimented new kind of treatments of vines using herds.

With this new treatments that use herbs like liquorice, nettles and others natural herbs we can respect the nature and our health and we do not need to wear special masks and clothes during the treatment. It is wonderful have the chance to have the smell of all these natural herbs after the treatments.

With our vines, we produce the wine for our costumer and with Garganega vines; we produce a good white wine for our meals. A wine with a straw yellow color with greenish reflections, fresh scents and the typical nuances of fruity and floral notes, with a soft taste of fresh fruit that produce a particular harmony and balance in the mouth. The pleasant and delicate aromas are the perfect match for our best dishes like rabbit and porcini mushroom fettuccine, handmade ravioli, rabbit and guinea fowl cooked in wood oven.

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